Different kinds of perfect

There are some moments that no amount of photography or videography can adequately capture.

Different Kinds of Perfect

One such moment was just the other night. My friend group had spent the day together swimming and adventuring and were finishing out the night on a boat. Pizza boxes were scattered around and empty pop cans sat on the table. I was snuggled against my boyfriend, a blanket keeping out the cool air. Stars were starting to shine against the dark sky, and music played softly over the lapping of the water against the boat.

Why, I wondered, would anyone want to give this up?

I realize this time in my life is fleeting. That one day staying out until 1 or 2 a.m. won’t be possible because we told the babysitter midnight. That one day I will need more than six hours of sleep. That one day exploring with my friends will dissolve into meeting for lunch occasionally.

If life is perfect as it is now, with all its adventures and terrible food and long days, why would I ever want it to change?

Because, I concluded, watching my friends talk among themselves, there are different kinds of perfect.

As we change, so does our idea of perfection. At age 19, it consists of late nights and greasy pizza and friends—but our tastes and desires and wishes shift. What was right for me now won’t always be what I want.

If my idea of perfection is growing, it means I am, too.

Even as we grow, though, we yearn for what we lost. That’s why we take the pictures, why we take the videos. We want to desperately remember all our versions of perfection. Even as they change, we hold them dear.

Perfection is fleeting, but only because perfection is always changing.

One day, my life will be something completely different than it is now. It might involve children, or travel, or photography. It might be right back on the boat, with summer air and older friends.

Whatever it is, wherever I end up, it will be perfect.


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