Try it Tuesday: 3 Homemade Face Masks

As someone with pretty sensitive skin, I have to be careful with what I put on my face. Because of this, I am honestly just too scared to try store-bought face masks. I love, love, love homemade versions, though!

Homemade masks are great for your skin. They’re natural, you know exactly what is in them, and you can tailor them to what you and your skin need.

Here are my top three favorite face masks, made with ingredients you probably have in your kitchen.

1. Egg White Mask

How to make it: Separate the white and yolk of one egg. Whip the egg white with a fork until slightly frothy, then apply it to your face. Leave on until dry (10-15 minutes). Wash off with warm water and then wash face with whatever cleanser you use.

What it’s good for: This mask is a great skin tightener. It will reduce red spots and close pores. Make sure you wash your face afterwards to get rid of any remaining egg.


2. Vitamin E and Coconut Oil Mask

How to make it: Split open two Vitamin E capsules into a small dish or the palm of your hand. Mix with an equal part of coconut oil until it is runny. Apply to face with fingertips. Leave on as long as desired, then wash off with warm water.

What it’s good for: This mask is great for acne and dry skin. Vitamin E will help combat any acne spots, while the coconut oil acts as a moisturizer. This mask can be used daily or overnight.


3. Honey and Aloe Vera

How to make it: Use real honey (not a sugary substitute—avoid anything in a bear bottle). Mix a small amount with aloe vera in a small cup and apply to face. Make sure you use pure, alcohol-free aloe vera gel, as alchohol is drying. Leave on as long as desired, then rinse face with cool water.

What it’s good for: This mask leaves you with very soft skin. Both honey and aloe vera actively fight against acne and moisturize the skin.


Of these three masks, the honey and aloe vera mask is my absolute favorite. I use it at least once every day and have seen a great improvement in my skin. I’m not as dry, have less scars, and fewer acne spots.

What are your favorite DIY beauty tricks? Do you prefer store-bought or homemade facials? Tell me your favorite face masks in the comments!


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