A goodbye to my freshman year

It’s strange to think that I will leave campus today. Only a few months ago, I was unpacking everything into tiny dorm room.A summer suddenly seems like a very long time.

The welcome party the first day with my roommate. Photo credit to Hillsdale Colleg

Freshman year has been good to me. The struggles of my last post about college still stand, but I think they always will. Making friends, getting enough sleep, and looking presentable all the time are difficult, no matter where you are in life.

Still, here I am, one year closer to my diploma—decidedly not dead, and very, very proud of myself.

Throwing yourself whole-heartedly into a new life is terrifying. You have to rebuild from the ground up, and I’m a far worse construction worker than I previously thought.

I learned a lot this first year. I think every freshman does, and my experiences are not new or shocking. I’m not expecting them to be.

But if I were to pass on advice to myself one year ago, it would be this:

Your time and energy are valuable and there is no point in wasting them on people and issues not important to you.

Learning how to ration myself has been difficult. I am by nature a person who spreads herself too thin, and this manifests itself in the worst ways at school. It means I overstudy for an easy class, or stay friends with people who only bring negativity into my life. It means I try to fix other’s problems or get too involved in their drama.

Rationing myself and my energy means learning time-management, learning how to let things go. It means learning how others and their problems fit into my world.

But it also means figuring out my goals and going after them with a vigor. Rationing myself means learning self-control.

Learning when and where and how to spend my energy has paid off. I end this year with good grades, with friends, with a beginning job in my field.

I’m looking forward to next year. In the fall, I begin work as an assistant news editor for the Collegian and will take one of my first courses for my major.

I am on track to making myself who I want to be. This year has only been a first step.

So, goodbye, freshman year.

Thank you for bringing opportunities into my life. Thank you for gifting me with new friends. Thank you for giving me a second home. Thank you for letting me lay the foundation for who I want to be.

Thank you, freshman year, for being my beginning.


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