In the world, but not of it.

Just be yourself.”

You do you.”

You are who you are.”

In today’s culture, knowing who you are and staying true to that seems to be our primary goal. We are told not to judge, not to speak up against wrong, not to interfere, simply because that’s who they are. We live in a world where if you think it, it must be true. We are selfish, egocentric, focused on only our own immediate happiness.

It seems, however, that amongst the cries of to be our own unique, irreplaceable, beautiful selves, that we have forgotten something important.

We are not called to be ourselves. We are called to be like Christ.

Be yourself” is packaged so many different ways, force-fed daily. We pass sin off as straying true to who we really are, never realizing that who we are is not always what is best, pure, or even good.

Individuality is what makes this world the beautiful, creative, breath-taking place it is, but sin disguised as “being yourself” is still sin. No amount of pretty packaging can hide it.

I am creative, independent, disrespectful, selfish, unique, stubborn, and outspoken. Each of these traits is a part of me. Not all of them are good. We all struggle and flounder in what is wrong. Only God can pull us up.

We are creatures of sin. We are children of God.

And we are meant to be more than just ourselves. We are meant to be His.