51 Things to Know about me

Besides my name (Jordyn), my age (18), and where I live (Michigan), these are 51 things to know about me:

  1. I’m a Christian
  2. I’m homeschooled
  3. My room is covered with photos of my friends
  4. I keep the ticket and program from every Broadway show I see
  5. My first concert was Taylor Swift
  6. I want to go into journalism
  7. I dual-enroll at a local college
  8. History is not my subject.
  9. My birthday is in January.
  10. My room is painted an obnoxious green color and I absolutely love it.
  11. I have a small, but ever-growing, collection of rubber ducks.
  12. The only time I’ve been out of the country was to Canada.
  13. I have a weird hatred for Ohio engrained into me because I am from Michigan.
  14. The state I have visited the most is Colorado.
  15. I took Latin for 6 years.
  16. I rode an elephant once at circus.
  17. I have a black belt in Shotokan karate.
  18. The Victorian era is my favorite time in history.
  19. I love coloring books.
  20. When I was little, I was once so insistent on not getting a shot, it took two nurses and a doctor to hold me down.
  21. Spiders are the worst.
  22. I really disliked the movie The Fault in Our Stars, even though I loved the book.
  23. I hate the characters Marius and Cosette from Les Miserables almost as much as I hate Romeo and Juliet.
  24. I really, really hate Romeo and Juliet (but also still love it).
  25. My favorite Shakespeare plays are Much Ado About Nothing and Taming of the Shrew.
  26. If the bathroom door is not shut, I can’t go to sleep.
  27. Flying on an airplane doesn’t scare me. Not being able to touch the bottom of a lake does.
  28. I have traveled more alone than I have with my family.
  29. I once got a flask as a Christmas present. I don’t drink.
  30. I hoard chocolate because if I don’t, I won’t have chocolate.
  31. I hate shopping malls.
  32. I have a piggy bank dedicated solely to pennies.
  33. I take naps on a weekly basis.
  34. I know how to swing dance.
  35. If I could have any superpower, it would be to fill things up. My bank account, my enemies’ bladders, my water glass. It would make my life so much easier.
  36. I once won an all-expenses paid trip to a writing camp in Hannibal, Missouri to learn about Mark Twain, and it was one of the coolest experiences of my life.
  37. One of my favorite books has been, and will always be, Percy Jackson and the Olympians.
  38. When I was 13, I owned a hot pink sweatshirt with two fighting cartoon cookies that had the caption “tough cookies.”
  39. I own exactly three pairs of heels.
  40. The futon in my room doubles as my closet because I am incredibly lazy.
  41. I do most of my writing after midnight.
  42. One of my favorite things to do is nothing.
  43. One of my worst tendencies is to keep everything. Every. Thing.
  44. My least favorite people are the ones who are so insecure that they make themselves feel better by drawing attention to themselves.
  45. I can’t grow out my nails to save my life.
  46. I still sleep with a teddy bear.
  47. I love teaching children.
  48. I have the best group of friends.
  49. I have always wanted to be in a production of Les Mis.
  50. This is my third attempt at a blog.
  51. I am happy.

2 thoughts on “51 Things to Know about me

  1. An old friend

    Hey Jordyn! I actually didn’t know many of these! We should catch up sometime (or rather you should text better :P).

    Cool blog though! I’ll keep up with it (:


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